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Judging Criteria


The Awards will be judged by some of the leading lights in the travel, creative and marketing industries.

View the judging panel.

NB: in cases where a judge has an interest in an entry, they will be excluded from participating in the judging of that category.


Entries will be marked on the following criteria:


How imaginative or impressive was the strategic, creative or media solution?


How difficult was the task or challenge? How logical and strategic was the solution?


How well were communication channels selected, exploited and evaluated?


How impressive is the return from communication investment?






The winner in each category will be the entry with the highest overall score.

The winners will be awarded a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze standard.

The standard will be determined by the average points scored by the judges:

36-40 points = Platinum Standard
31-35 points = Gold Standard
26-30 points = Silver Standard
21-25 points = Bronze Standard

Entries scoring fewer than 21 points may be eliminated.